About Us


Amy and Sharon are creative, driven entrepreneurs and neighbours. This innovative and tenacious duo have worked incredibly hard to see Oil Essentials move from a simple idea to a successful company. Together, they have conducted market research, sourced sustainable and fair-trade manufacturers and designed beautiful products to serve the essential oil world in a unique, beautiful and fun way!


Amy serves as Founder and CEO. She is the “ideas” woman and started the process of designing the first product - the mini handbag! With over fifteen years experience in the manufacturing sector; Amy understands all the elements to getting a business up and running successfully!


Sharon serves as Partner and Creative Director. From our logo, branding and shirt designs; Sharon is the reason all the products look chic and trendy and totally awesome!


Amy and Sharon are women who believe that working together and building each other up will lead to a life of joy and success. They invite you to do the same!