Welcome to 2020!

We've all been hearing it, new year new you! Right? Well, is it? I like to think we aren't new, but maybe improved. The new year (and new decade) is a great way to start fresh. Maybe restart your business or map out new goals and strategies. Either way, it's nice to have this time of year to reflect and then move forward. If you're not sure how to move forward, I hope I can help you. There's a great system that I teach called SMART to help set goals. Write these down and think of your own along the way.

S: Specific, be specific in what you want to obtain. M: Measurable, be clear on how you state it. A: Attainable, is it achievable? R: Relevant, is it realistic and aligned with your values? T: Time, think of a timeline that makes sense and use it as a guideline to work towards. 

Remember, it is about progress NOT perfection. Keep working towards your goals and even if you don't hit your exact target, you will grow and be in a better position than you are right now. Good luck and don't stop, from one Oil Boss to another!



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