Time To Be Seen!

Do you struggle with being seen? This is something that I am still working on, I'm getting better, but it's been a work in progress. In this day and age our life is so much more exposed, if you're building a business, you more than likely have social media and sometimes scared to be yourself on such a public space. This is something that is important though, do you know people buy from those who they know, like and trust? Here are some tips to help get yourself out there a little bit more. And remember, you don't have to dive in head first, you can take baby steps, as long as you're getting out of your comfort zone a little bit at a time you will see some amazing progress.

Tips on being seen: 

- Diffuse Bergamot for self confidence/worthiness

- Be sure your profile picture for any and all social media accounts are of your face and as a side tip, make it the same picture across all social media accounts. You want people to recognize you!

- Choose 1 thing a week that's new by putting yourself out there. Maybe start doing videos? Post more to stories about your personal life or make your first reel or tik tok video!

Remember, you are uniquely you, you are here for a reason and you have a purpose. Just because you might be with the same company as many other people, it doesn't mean you bring to the table the same thing as everyone else. You get to bring your best qualities to them and that is wonderful! 

Have an amazing month Oil Bosses! Sincerely, Amy

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