Selling in 2021, How Does It Work?

Hello Oil Bosses! This has got to be the scariest word for us, we always hear, "but I don't want to be salesy" when we speak about joining our business and I think it's time we take that word back! There is no reason to be "salesy" any longer. The old way of selling, like cold calling or what is called "hard selling", is not what you should be doing. I think we are in a better time for selling because it is more authentic and in service. Every time I want to "sell" something, I think about how it will serve them. When we talk about what we do or sell in a way that is going to help them, it takes the pressure off of you and them. We also have amazing products that can help so many people with various things. If selling scares you, it is time to change that mindset and to stop thinking of it in that way, always think about serving instead.

If your upline is giving you scripts that are out dated and asking people if they "want to hear about a great opportunity", you need to look elsewhere for guidance. That is the old way of doing network marketing and it no longer works, in fact it usually just turns people off. Being genuine, getting to know someone and serving (yes, I repeat, serving) is the way to get a positive response. Be sure to also be in alignment with who you want to serve, create your niche market and learn how to speak to them. Here's a great start if you need it: "I do ________ , if you would like to try ________, it will  be help you with ______"

If this seems overwhelming, I am here to help! Click on the registration link in my newsletter or on my Products and Services page on to sign up for me FREE 4 day Dream Retreat - Growing Your Heartled Biz The Woo Woo Way. I can't wait to help you create a strong foundation for your business so you don't have get the icky salesy feeling again!

We totally got this!!! 

From you fellow Oil Boss, Amy 

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