Networking with Your Essential Oils

Hey Oil Bosses! Are you stuck when networking? Not sure what to do or say? I have been there! I realized I needed to use my oils more, write down my testimonials and share those! Using my oils and seeing how effective they are has been my best marketing tool, to be able to relate to someone's need with a solution to their problem is what people are looking for!

So why do we have such a hard time doing this? I believe it's because we don't want to come off as salesy. But are you? Probably not. If you're genuinely concerned about someone's wellbeing and can offer them a solution, you are helping them. It is time to change that mindset if you can't see that! You have a valuable option for their health needs that you should not keep secret, if they turn it down, that is actually a loss to them, not you. 

To keep the pressure off even more I was given sage adivice from a mentor: Just make friends. Yup, that's it, just focus on making new friends by getting to know them, ask them questions, be authentic. If I speak to someone who I genuinely am not jiving with and I know we wouldn't be friends, then I move on. I want to work with clients and business builders who I like, don't you? Don't just think that it could be a sale, it will never last long term with that mindset. Now get out there Oil Bosses and kill it!! 


I hope that was helpful and if you have any follow up questions, please email me at  


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