Is Your Immunity Getting You Down?

This season seems to be a doozy for sickness and some pretty scary ones at that! So how can you help yourself and your family? Here are my top 4 tips to keep you healthy this cold and flu season! 

1. Get a good probiotic! Probiotics help produce good gut bacteria that helps boost our immune system and will fight off the bad bugs!

2. Get your rest! I know, this is a hard one! But, sleeping resets our body and heals while we sleep, so do your best to get those 8 hours in. A great way to set yourself up for a good night sleep is having a hot epsom salt bath with lavender oil, that is my favorite thing to do, especially if I feel my throat getting scratchy. The epsom salt will help pull those toxins out and give you the sleep you need.

3. Stay on top of your supplements! Let's face it, we can't always be on our nutrition game and even if we are, we still need to top up on those vitamins and minerals that our body needs! Not sure what vitamins could work for you? Reach out and I can give you my recommendations.

4. One of the best protocols I have ever used is called the Flu Bomb, as soon as I start feeling under the weather, I get on this right away. To take it internally (please read your label if you can do this with the brand you use, if not, let me know and I can lead you to the right brand), take 2 drops of each of the following, either in a glass of water or in an empty veg cap:

Oregano oil, Tea Tree, Protective Blend, Lemon and Frankincense.

You can use the same oils and make a roller bottle, I would say about 5 to 8 drops of each in a 10ml roller works well and then top up with fractionated coconut oil. Simple roll along the spine and the bottoms of feet for effectiveness. 

I do all the above for myself and my husband but only use the roller on my son who is under 12.

I wish you all a healthy and happy cold and flu season and hopefully this helps you so much more! 

In health, 

Amy Rempel

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