Is Having A Niche Market Important?

Hey fellow Oil Bosses! So this is something I struggled with at the beginning of my essential oil business journey, aren't these oils for everyone?? Well, yes and no. Although anyone can use them, it doesn't mean that WE are for everyone. People buy from those who they know, like and trust. When we can narrow down who we are speaking to, this brings us closer to our goals. If you're wondering how to do that, here are few key points to take into consideration: 

1. Create your avatar

2. Think about who they are, what do they do and like? Where do they live? Do they have kids? Are they married or single? Where do they hang out? Think of every last detail!

3. Every time you speak or post on social media, choose that avatar and speak directly to them

4. Give them a name, talk as if you are speaking to that ONE person

5. What problem are you solving for them?

The great thing is, others will see your posts, not just your avatar, so they may also become interested because of what you're saying and how are you helping them. Remember to always think about the problem you are solving for your avatar so that it peaks their interest to come to YOU. And don't forget to start following and engaging with those who fit your avatar description. Social media loves interaction and the more they interact with you, the more posts and stories they will see of yours! 

I hope that was helpful, good luck and get moving!!

From Your Fellow Oil Boss, Amy

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