Harnessing Your Feminine and Masculine Energy

For a very long time I was very much into the masculine energy, except I didn't know it. It wasn't until I became a Reiki Practitioner that I even knew about the difference between feminine and masculine energy. To give you an idea of what each are, here is a list: Masculine harnesses boundaries, being in action, confidence, honesty, accountability, integrity, non-judgmental and security. The Feminine encompasses, boundaries also, your intuition, grounding, empathy, being supportive, authenticity, magnetic, open, trusting, creative and reflective. 

The one I was in the most was being in action, I grew up in a male entrepreneurial home and it was all about working hard, going non-stop because hard work equaled success. Now those are very important traits, but I was running myself into the ground! I was missing out on quality time with my kids and husband because I felt I HAD to work constantly to get where I wanted to go. The ironic thing is when I started realizing my feminine energy and what it could do for me, was when I started seeing more success! I was also being forced to rest more because my body was starting to respond to stress by getting me sick! So, I knew I had to listen and make these necessary actions. 

Knowing more about the feminine and masculine energy traits, take time to reflect on what you harness more of and then I want you to pick the top 3 traits from each and start focusing on those. It's time to bring some balance if you don't have it yet and I'm telling you, it will change your outlook and your life for the better. This is also going to help you with you the flow in your business because when we feel more aligned with what we're doing the easier it is. 

I hope that this is helpful! Have an amazing month Oil Bosses!

Sincerely, Amy 

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