Getting Through The Rest of 2020

Hi Oil Boss! I have some great news, we have something that can help so many people right now and going forward to get through this challenging time! It is time to step up and share your hearts out! Stock up on those samples bottles and use October to ship them out. Did you know if you sign up for a Canada Post account (if you're Canadian) you can ship one free package every Tuesday in October?? Amazing right? Better than nothing that's for sure! I know sometimes it's hard to ask people if they want a sample, but just always think of how you can help them. If we have a servants heart and mind, you can't go wrong! We really have a gift that we need to share, so be proud of what you do and have to offer. If someone says no, that's ok, it is their loss, right? To be honest, it makes me so sad if anything, when people don't want to give them a solid try because I know how much it can help them, but not everyone is there yet and that's ok! 

I hope that this helps motivate you if you are feeling a little stuck and I hope your business BOOMS this holiday season! Good luck everyone!! 

Until next time Oil Bosses, Amy

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